Working for the
Forest and the People
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Working for the
Forest and the People
Be a volunteer
Working for the
Forest and the People
Be a volunteer
Working for the
Forest and the People
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Green Communities

Green Communities hosts volunteer groups from around the world to engage in sustainable development projects with locals in four communities in the Los Santos region of Costa Rica.

From the moment our groups arrive in the country to the minute they depart, our team provides them with all the logistics, security and tour arrangements they need to have a meaningful, authentic service and immersion experience. We host student groups from the middle school, high school and university levels, as well as families and corporate groups.

Our projects range from permaculture to organic coffee farming to innovative recycling programs to workshops for our schoolchildren. Due to the high cost of materials and the locals’ time away from their daily work, these projects are only made possible by volunteers.

We provide you with all you need for a life-changing experience, including lodging, staff, meals, transportation, activities and excursions; and you provide us with a commitment to make the world a better place.

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The best way you can explore and appreciate this planet is by travelling and volunteering. Here is an excellent option to grow and educate yourself while you travel with us.
If you’ve already volunteered with us before and are looking to return for a longer stay or coming for the first time to know our project our internship program will give you the opportunity to live and learn the entire experience.

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Biosphere Reserve

The Biosphere Reserves constitute a network of territories that develop and strengthen models of sustainability where biodiversity and local economies flourish jointly.

UNESCO’s MaB Program and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves have built a vision of a world where people reconnect with nature and act collectively to build prosperous societies in harmony with the biosphere.

By being awarded the Costa Rican Biosphere Reserves brand, we aim is to take advantage of the recognition and prestige that Biosphere Reserves have to create opportunities for local entrepreneurship, as well as promote, nationally and internationally, the products and services that are generated under criteria of Sustainability in the Biosphere Reserves of Costa Rica.

This brand not only reflects natural and cultural wealth, but also a commitment and responsibility. It distinguishes the initiatives that live the values ​​of the Biosphere Reserves.

The development of the guidelines for the use of the Biosphere Reserve brand is a joint effort of the National MaB Committee of Costa Rica and the four local Management Committees of the Biosphere Reserves of Costa Rica, with the facilitation of the Manduca Audiovisual team, the support from the Costa Rican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO and financing from the UNESCO Participation Program.

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Our mission is two-fold: to restore the planet to a more livable state and to bring different cultures together. Located up in the mountains along the Pan-American Highway, south of San Jose where much of our world-famous coffee is grown, Los Santos is part cloud forest, part rain forest.

This pristine wilderness, and our ability to continue to produce coffee in it, are under constant threat from conventional farming practices and global warming. In an effort to return our Earth to a more livable state, and to preserve our local land for future generations, we have banded together with environmentally conscious community members as well as volunteer groups from across the globe.

We know that with the involvement of so many passionate people, and the impact that our projects have, we will reverse the effects of global warming, preserve the Los Santos region, and break down cultural barriers. You are the missing piece we need to realize this dream.

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