Coffee Forest

& Sea Turtles

Ready for the most intense

Adventure of your life?

Ready for the most intense adventure of your life? Yes, take adventure while you support the environment. This Is a unique opportunity to know our culture and our flora and fauna. This trip is going to open your eyes from the top of the mountains at 10,000 square feet to the beach at sea level.

From the coffee- producing area where you’ll learn everything about sustainability, ecological process and mixing with the kindest people, to our amazing reggae vibes in the Caribbean, understanding the challenges facing our sea turtles.

You’ll examine the impact of climate change, while enjoying the happiness of the Caribbean Ticos, and soak their rich diversity of flora and fauna. Time to grow! Time to choose to save our planet!

Coffee Forest & Sea Turtles


Day 1

  • Transfer to Los Santos Region
  •  Community Host
  • Orientation Meeting
  • Check In Home Base or Home Stay

Day 2 -5

  • All meals included
  • Community Service
  • Group Discussions & Learning Opportunities
  • Group & Cultural Activities

Day 6

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Pacific or Caribe Turtle conservation program
  • Adventure Activity ***
  • Orientation Meeting
  • Check In Home Base

Day 7-8

  • Breakfast
  • Volunteer Service / turtle conservation
  • All meals included
  • Group Discussions & Learning Opportunities
  • Group & Cultural Activities

Day 9

  • Breakfast
  • National Park
  • Lunch in Restaurant
  • Transfer to San José
  • Check In – Hotel Beach
  • Group Activities
  • Farewell Activities

Day 10

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Airport

One day description

Work Site Description

service task

Coffee Farms

  • Compost preparation

  • Biofertilizer preparation

  • Biofertilizer and compost application on the coffee plants

  • Reforestation of native trees on the ecological coffee farms

  • Maintenance of the trees and coffee plants at the green houses

  • Tree care at the coffee farms (cleaning weed, fertilization, tree prune, leaves and soil recollection from the forest)

  • Build terraces at the coffee farms

  • Planting live fences at the farms

  • Planting and fertilization shade for the farms (banana trees)

  • Permaculture and ecological farming education

service task

Turtle conservation

  • Turtle patrol


  • Nest excavation


  • Data Collection


  • Mangrove Reforestation


  • Beach cleaning and plastic sorting


  • Equipment maintenance



Culture, Language
& Immersion

Adventure &

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