eco coffee

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While you have fun getting to know our Costa Rican culture. You’ll live with a host family or in our beautiful group lodge, all located in the same towns where we’ll volunteer and explore together.

eco coffee & Culture


Day 1

  • Transfer to Los Santos Region
  • Community Host
  • Orientation Meeting
  •  Check In Home Base or Home Stay

Day 2 -7

  • All meals included
  • Community Service
  • Group Discussions & Learning Opportunities
  • Group & Cultural Activities

Day 8

  • Breakfast
  • End Program
  • Transfer to Airport

One day description

Work Site Description



  • Compost preparation
  • Biofertilizer preparation
  • Biofertilizer and compost application on the coffee plants
  • Reforestation of native trees on the ecological coffee farms
  • Maintenance of the trees and coffee plants at the green houses
  • Tree care at the coffee farms (cleaning weed, fertilization, tree prune, leaves and soil recollection from the forest)
  • Build terraces at the coffee farms
  • Planting live fences at the farms
  • Planting and fertilization shade for the farms (banana trees)
  • Permaculture and ecological farming education


Culture, Language
& Immersion

Adventure &

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