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The Los Santos Region is located two hours south of the Juan Santa Maria International Airport. The Region is known for its green cloud-forested mountains, cool climate and coffee production. The average temperature stays around 20°C / 68°F. Visitors should look out for a variety of wildlife such as quetzals, tanagers, hawks, spider monkeys, tolomucos and sloths. Regional products are coffee, avocados and highland fruits. Typically, each community has a school, a church, a few mini markets, and a coffee factory. Most people in this region have their own parcel of land or work to harvest it.


To bring sustainable development to the Los Santos Region by converting conventional coffee farms into ecological organic coffee farms. With the involvement of student volunteers, Green Communities will protect the cloud forests; raise the economic status and education of local communities, while creating mediums for cultural exchange.

Service Tasks

Students will participate in various sustainability projects within the community. The service is primarily working on Organic Coffee farms in rural mountain settings, which includes creating natural barriers to preserve flora and fauna, planting endemic trees or sapling coffee plants, constructing bio boxes to prevent erosion, performing ecological monitoring, and making organic fertilizer.



In order to understand the significance of their work, students will discuss, analyze, and interpret the most important issues at hand. Through group discussions, GC will provide a broader perspective and deeper understanding of sustainability. Students will also keep a field journal throughout their program to record and reflect on their experiences. Programs are operated by a Project Leader who will manage and direct logistics, oversee volunteer tasks, facilitate group discussions, and ensure the safety and well-being of the student volunteer.


Immersion and Culture

Home Stay: Experience full immersion living with a Costa Rican host family

Home Base: Groups lodge together in a rural tropical ranch setting

Activities: Community soccer game, cooking, dancing

Group Discussions with local farmers and guest speakers

Langugage Exchange and school visits


Language Immersion

Green Communities can implement Spanish Language classes taught by local Costa Rican teachers, into the program. Students of any level can learn and fine tune their language skills before starting their service project then continue to practice Spanish throughout their time in Costa Rica.

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