Glamping in Providencia de Dota: an experience you must live.

Tamí Lodge hotel is located within the Los Santos Forest Reserve, surrounded by nature, oak forests, crystal-clear waters, and waterfalls, in a remote and magical location. A sustainable tourist destination awaits you to disconnect from the day-to-day and connect with nature.

In Perfil magazine, we take the recommendations we make very seriously. That’s why we personally went to experience glamping (camping with all the amenities) in the community of Providencia de Dota.

This community is characterized by its nature, oak forests, crystal-clear waters, and waterfalls, as well as its remote and magical location, but above all, by the warmth of the people where, even as a non-massive tourist destination, it is easy to learn from the local culture.

We stayed at Tamí Lodge, a hotel with 10 rooms, of which 8 are standard and 2 are deluxe, the latter having more amenities and greater privacy. But these are not just any rooms, they are tents located on platforms within the forest.

There is no electricity, but there is no shortage either: the shower water is deliciously hot thanks to a gas system, and at night the solar lamps do an excellent job. In case you need to recharge your cell phone or any other technological device, you can use the outlets at the reception; however, the absence of outlets in the room is a stimulus to disconnect and reconnect with ourselves and the natural environment.

From the platforms, you can observe the greenery of the Los Santos Forest Reserve and the Quebrada Seca, La Lira, and Pangolín hills. In addition, the Los Quetzales National Park is around it. At night, the starry sky show is not to be missed; during our visit, this was one of the moments we enjoyed the most.

The hotel is located on a 1.6-hectare property, of which only 4,000 m2 are built. The land is on the edge of the Brujo River (a tributary of the Savegre), which contributes a relaxing sound of water currents. And walking along one of the trails, you can appreciate a small waterfall within the property.

In addition, 200 meters from the hotel is the El Pocerón waterfall, with a refreshing pool where we can cool off and revitalize ourselves with the cold water, or simply sit on the enormous stones and observe the majesty of nature.

Food and activities Tami Lodge belongs to the Santos Tour ecotourism company and works in partnership with Juan Agüero, owner of the local Cascadas del Savegre restaurant, which offers a delicious typical breakfast with homemade custard (the real thing) included with the lodging. And also offers other meal times à la carte, among which we recommend the local trout fillet.

Regarding activities, the best of all is to rest; however, for more active people, they can do bird watching (more than 100 species of birds can be observed and, including the incomparable Quetzal), hiking to waterfalls, eco-friendly coffee tour, and adventure activities in the trees of the Extreme Forest Park

What to bring?

• Comfortable clothes for walking

• Trail shoes or hiking boots

• Swimsuit to take a dip in the river

• Waterproof jacket

• Sweater to keep warm at night

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellent

• Binoculars

• Snacks

How to get to Tami Lodge?

A 4×4 vehicle is required to access the community of Providencia de Dota due to its remote and magical location. Tami Lodge offers 4×4 Safari transportation from Santa María de Dota for an additional cost.

If you are traveling in your own vehicle, you should take the South Interamerican Highway (known as Cerro de la Muerte). When you reach Chespiritos #1, turn right at Los Quetzales National Park. Then, travel 12 kilometers on a gravel road with beautiful landscapes around.

Contact Information:

• Phone: (506) 2541-2020

• Email:


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