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Green Communities is a social enterprise connecting volunteers from around the world to sustainably-minded farmers in the central region of Costa Rica known as Los Santos.

These independent farmers, who have been producing conventional coffee for generations, are concerned about climate change. To combat it, and to preserve their land for future generations, they have banded together to convert their farms to organic.

Due to the high amount of labor required to farm organically, international volunteers are the only way these farmers can take this risk. We use solar-powered shell stripping machines to minimize our use of water and electricity. We dry the beans in the sun to avoid burning wood.

Every step is thought through with the Earth in mind. By purchasing this bag of coffee, you are supporting the farmers, as well as our planet. Enjoy your delicious, organic coffee.



To bring sustainable development to the Los Santos region by converting conventional coffee farms into ecological organic coffee farms. With the involvement of student volunteers, Green Communities will protect the cloud forests; raise the economic status and education of local communities, while creating mediums for cultural exchange.


Goal – To have 30000 plants transition to organic ecological farming by 2025.


The estimated number of coffee farms in Los Santos (Santa Maria & San Marcos).


The number of organic ecological coffee plants created by GC since 2009.


Biosphere Reserve

The Biosphere Reserves constitute a network of territories that develop and strengthen models of sustainability where biodiversity and local economies flourish jointly.

UNESCO’s MaB Program and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves have built a vision of a world where people reconnect with nature and act collectively to build prosperous societies in harmony with the biosphere.

By being awarded the Costa Rican Biosphere Reserves brand, we aim is to take advantage of the recognition and prestige that Biosphere Reserves have to create opportunities for local entrepreneurship, as well as promote, nationally and internationally, the products and services that are generated under criteria of Sustainability in the Biosphere Reserves of Costa Rica.

This brand not only reflects natural and cultural wealth, but also a commitment and responsibility. It distinguishes the initiatives that live the values ​​of the Biosphere Reserves.

The development of the guidelines for the use of the Biosphere Reserve brand is a joint effort of the National MaB Committee of Costa Rica and the four local Management Committees of the Biosphere Reserves of Costa Rica, with the facilitation of the Manduca Audiovisual team, the support from the Costa Rican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO and financing from the UNESCO Participation Program.


Origin Certification

The Denomination of Origin Café Tarrazú is a distinctive brand. Protected by the Lisbon Agreement and the Paris Agreement.

It was granted on January 10, 2019 in recognition of its history as well as geographical, social and organoleptic characteristics of this fruit, unique only to this part of the world. It is cultivated and processed only in the areas of Tarrazú, Dota and León Cortes, today the Los Santos Region.

Tarrazú coffee is currently protected, positioned and granted to the 7650 producers of Los Santos, for a period of 99 years, the brand being already registered in 178 countries.



Providencia de Dota

Altitud: 1600 - 2000 msnm

San Pedro de Tarrazú

Altitud: 1600 - 1900 msnm

Bajo San José

Altitud: 1500 msnm

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