what our participants have to say

“Happy national coffee day! I had the amazing opportunity this summer to work with Los Santos Green Communities to help farmers in Costa Rica convert to 100% organic coffee. The process is lengthy and difficult, but with the help of volunteers, it’s made possible. It inspires me to continue to reach out to different communities and give within the global and local spectrum. And it’s by far the best coffee I’ve ever had! Thank you Jonathan for creating such an amazing program and inspiring so many individuals to follow their passions and make a difference in this world.”

“This trip was completely amazing and a life changing experience! I learned so much and made so many new friends, it’s definitely an amazing experience.”

“I was inspired beyond comprehension by the drive and passion that fuel this operation. My time in Los Santos was, in simple terms, life-changing. I hope the message of resourcefulness and conservation that Santos Tours instills in its participants reaches unseen distances. Thank you Santos Tours and Jonathan Cerdes for giving me a new perspective on life.”

“Phenomenal experience! I really cannot put into words how life changing this was! An amazing project that I would love to do again.”

“The tour guide was awesome; the tour was very educational and gave a purpose to my vacation. Thank you! I will never forget this experience.”

“I spent two weeks working in a community called San Pedro with Santos Tours. I can guarantee that you have never met anyone remotely like the members of staff at Santos Tours, truly remarkable and incredibly inspiring. Perhaps more importantly I thoroughly enjoyed working. It was so rewarding and I feel like I’ve made a lasting positive effect.”

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